The KMK Certificate – a great opportunity for you!
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What is the KMK Certificate and why should you take it?
The KMK Certificate is a certification which proves your foreign-language ability in various languages (for example English) and on the proficiency level that is right for you (A: Basic User, B: Independent User, C: Proficient User). It is widely accepted by business and industry throughout the European Union because it shows that you are enthusiastic and willing to commit yourself a little more than only to the regular school work and that you can be relied upon when negotiating with foreign customers.

What do you have to do to get it?
Each year the KMK Organization provides a central examination for all students whose schools offer them the opportunity to achieve the KMK Certificate. As a preparation for this examination, you can take part in a 2-hour / week preparatory course which provides you with all you have to know for the examination. As you can see, the amount of extra work you have to do is rather small. The examination itself consists of two parts: one written, one oral,  and is taken on two consecutive days. In it you will be asked produce standard types of written and oral communication, to render in German facts expressed in English or reproduce in English facts given in German. You will show that you are able to understand texts that are typical of your future field of work.

Both the course and the examination are free of charge. There is no minimum number of candidates taking the examination, so do not hesitate to regiser if you are interested. In 2009, five students took and passed the exam and achieved mostly good results. We, the examiners, are convinced that they will profit from their extra effort in the future.

So don’t let this great opportunity pass you by!

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